People often say that volunteers are the backbone of an organisation.  These are the people who sacrifice their time and their skills to give generously, for someone else.  At Christian Outreach College Toowoomba, we are blessed to have many parent and grandparent volunteers who contribute to numerous areas around our Campus.

Have you ever wondered how the Tuckshop runs so smoothly?  Or perhaps why the Library is the place to be?

We are fortunate to have parents who volunteer their expertise by coaching our students in athletics.  We also have parent and grandparent volunteers who give of their time (and patience!) to listen to our young Primary students learn to read.  Our parents volunteer their time and effort to help at Grandparents Day and Athletics Carnivals as well as Mother’s & Father’s Day stalls to name just a few!

There is no way we could pull off special events, like Grandparents Day, without the help of our wonderful volunteers.  The Library is also made more special every day thanks to our regular volunteers, Mrs Smith and Mrs Town, who help create a welcoming learning environment for students and staff.  They are a vital part of our Library team – part of our tribe.  Miss Shez Morris, Library Manager

College Volunteers are an integral part of our Campus and we appreciate their generosity towards our students and staff.


This week is National Volunteer Week!  Don’t forget to thank those parents you see around our Campus as they give of themselves to help support and encourage our students and staff.

Thank you, from the staff & students @ COCT