At Christian Outreach College Toowoomba, students are provided with a range of opportunities consisting of Music, Music Extension, Dance, Drama, FTV&NM, and Visual Art. We incorporate a range of resources and the most up-to-date and innovative curriculum possible, including 21st Century cross-curricular approaches.

We have a strong focus on performance and our performances are of the highest standard. We value each and every child and to that end, care for our students is at the core of our approach.


• Primary School musical (bi-annually)

• Recorder ensemble aimed at improving music reading and developing ensemble skills (Years 3-6)

• Junior Choir (Years 1-3)

• Celebration Singers (Years 4-6)

• Arts in Action – a specialised Primary School program running after school on a weekly basis. Options available: Ballet, Hip hop, Guitar, Drum kit, Keyboard/piano, Theatre Arts, Visual Art, Music theory (Years 1-6)


• Senior Choir open to all students (Years 7-12)

• Senior voice ensemble - a specialised group, maximum of 16 students (Years 7-12)

• String group (Years 7-12)

• Senior School musical (bi-annually)

• Stage band – rehearses and performs for school musicals

• Individual or paired instrumental lessons